Ultrasonic Couplant

    Ultrasonic testing (UT) is a great way to detect surface and fairly deep sub-surface defects within a part.  UT uses a transducer to send high frequency sound energy in to a part - the sound bounces through the part and back to the transducer providing information.  The information provides details on the part such as flaw detection/evaluation, dimensional measurements, and material characterization.

    Ultrasonic couplant is important because it acts as a medium for the sound to travel from the transducer to the part being inspected.  Without the couplant most of the sound energy would travel through the air and bounce right off the surface of the solid part (the acoustic impedance mismatch is large).

    Karden Sales carry's a number of trusted ultrasonic couplants that are perfect for flaw detection, thickness gauging, flow metering and acoustic emission testing.  The couplants we provide are idea for a number of applications including high-temperature, shear wave, nuclear testing, power generation, aerospace inspections and many more.

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