Liquid Penetrant

    Liquid penetrant inspection (LPI) is an NDT method that's used to reveal surface breaking flaws by bleed-out of a colored or fluorescent dye from said flaw.  The success of liquid penetrant inspection couldn't happen if it weren't for the science behind capillary action.  LPI is ideal for detecting fatigue cracks, quench cracks, grinding cracks, overload & impact fractures, porosity, laps, seams, pin holes in welds, lack of fusion, or braising along the edge of the bond line.  Even though it's one of the earliest practices of non-destructive testing (beginning in the latter part of the 19th century) liquid penetrant inspection is an important part of the NDT field due to it's flexibility, ease of use, and lower cost.

    Because liquid penetrant inspection is one of the most widely used forms of nondestructive testing, Karden Sales & Consulting is proud to carry a wide variety of liquid penetrant materials and equipment.  From the top brands like Magnaflux and Sherwin, the LPI materials we supply cover visible & fluorescent, water washable (lipophilic & hydrophilic), post-emulsifiable, and solvent removable.  We also carry penetrant testing kits, penetrant testing applicators, test pieces, UV lamps, along with modular liquid penetrant testing equipment for customers with a high volume of LPI.

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