Karden Sales understands that a part's surface can drastically affect the final results of a non-destructive test.  If the part isn't adequately cleaned before, during, or after an inspection problems such as overlooked flaws and lack of consistency can occur.  This is because insufficient (or lack of) cleaning doesn't remove paints, varnishes, plating, or heavy oxides.  It's also possible that surface cracks and defects are covered up if the part has been machined, sanded, or blasted prior to the part's inspection.

    For these reasons Karden Sales offers NDT-approved cleaners that have proven to be effective at removing possible surface obstructions such as; penetrants, developers, magnetic particles, cutting oils, metalworking coolants, mill markings, and rust inhibitors.  The cleaners have also been designed to be water-based, are biodegradable, and safe for use on a wide range of metal and non-metal surfaces.  Whatever cleaning method you prefer; whether it's immersion, ultrasonic, spray, or steam cleaning, we're confident we have a cleaner that will suit your needs.

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