Blacklights and Accessories

    Karden Sales & Consulting can help your business with all of your fluorescent non-destructive testing needs.  From brand (Magnaflux, Spectronics, etc.), UV intensity (standard, high, & ultra-high), size (portable, handheld, overheard/stationary), to compliance with major industry standards (ASTM E3022 & RRES 90061) Karden is sure have a light for you.  Let us help get the most out of your fluorescent examinations by providing you with a variety of options to ensure no indication goes unnoticed.

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Clarity 365
EagleEye 3000
EagleEye 3000 SC
Edge 13 H
Edge 13 HC
Edge 13 SBLC
Edge 13 T
Edge 4 W
EV6000 MG Kit
EV6000 ZP Kit
King Kong 6000
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