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Blacklight Filter | EV6000 | Magnaflux

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Magnaflux EV6000 Filter

Replacement Blacklight Filter for the EV6000

The UV-A pass filter reduces glare and increases contrast of fluorescent indications. Which makes fluorescent inspection easier, faster and more reliable.

Per ASTM E3022 the pass filter acts to remove tail emissions above 400 nm, which eliminates the accuracy issue with NDT visible light meters.  Since tail emission is visible as deep violet light, adding the UV-A pass filter eliminates the glare and makes the background of the part surface darker. This increases contrast between fluorescent indications and the darkened part surface when using fluorescent magnetic particle or penetrant techniques.

The filter also removes glare on the part's surface.  This is important because glare can potentially mask indications, and the inspector may need to reposition the part multiple times to view the entire surface. Elimination of glare simplifies part handling and saves time during inspection.

For a deeper dive into the importance of this filter, click below.

Why Does ASTM E3022 Require a Filter for LED UV Lamps?

Part Number: 625898

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