Multi-directional Mag Particle Inspection Equipment [Video]

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In the below video Jan, the operator, demonstrates some of the key time-saving functions of the MD-2060 unit to illustrate how easy it is to program and control this robust yet intuitive piece of non-destructive testing equipment.

Watch the Auto-Bath feature cycle through as the equipment automatically clamps and bathes the part in magnetic particle bath then proceeds to magnetize it, only then to finally un-clamp it.

Next, the part is carried on the XG-Series conveyor into a separate inspection hood where Chris and Colin use EV6000 hand-held LED UV lamps to inspect the parts.

This highly versatile MD-2060 multi-directional magnetic particle inspection unit sets the standard for MPI inspection – saving you time in the process.


Password Protection: Setups are stored securely with our password protection system to ensure consistency and prevent accidental modifications.

3 Outputs: You can select current types on three independently adjustable outputs to balance the magnetic field intensity – allowing you to process a wide variety of parts at different currents in half the time!

Mag Shot Timer: The adjustable Mag Shot Timer makes adjustments simple and easily accessible. Allowing the operator to set magnetization time from 0.5 to 2 seconds.

Double Mag Shot: The Double Mag Shot-enable button increases repeatability for better inspection quality.

Store Part Recipies: You can store up to 1,000 recipes for various parts. These recipes are easily recalled and allow you to store every detail from the current type to the power level.

Daily Reminders: Keep up to date and consistent with reoccurring reminders for important process checks such as UV light readings, white light readings, and bath concentration checks.  This helps improves inspection repeatability, which is checked against pre-programmed, acceptable measurements.

Auto-Bath: Other features include Auto-Bath; which speeds up testing by automating the magnetizing process and automatically bathing the part.

Conveyor Inspection Booth: For maximum efficiency, our XG-Series conveyor inspection booth is designed for multiple operators, and is equipped with the S-1515 continuous duty demagnetizer.

UV Lamps: Our XG-Series hood enclosure features EV6000 hand held LED UV lamps that are instantly ready, with no warm-up time – and have one of the widest beams on the market.

Advanced Reporting: When testing is complete, compiling data is quick and simple. Advanced reports are easily accessed and stored.

Warranty: Rely on our industry leading warranty with best in-class service delivered by a global network of trained Magnaflux authorized service centers. Warranty policy is subject to change.  Please see latest policy for details.

For more information on the MD-2060 or other wet bench models, please contact us at [email protected] or 1-800-221-1116


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