Tam Panel (Sherwin, Inc.) - Grit Blasted

  • Brand: Sherwin
  • Product Code: PSM-5 (Grit Blasted)
  • Availability: 2-3 Days
  • Price: $600.00

Available Options

  • Pratt & Whitney (TAM 146040)
  • ASTM-E1417
  • MIL-STD-6866
Length Width Thickness
6" 4" 0.09"

Sherwin's TAM Panel for System Performance Checks

Sherwin’s tam panel (PSM-5) is used to check system and process performance with liquid penetrant inspection. One half of the plate is stainless-steel with five starburst indications all varying in size. The different sizes help check penetrants of various sensitivities.

The panel has a chrome plated strip (approximately 1.75 inches wide by approximately 0.003 inches thick) which covers the length of the panel and the remaining area is either a polished or grit-blasted surface of medium roughness used for determining washability.

Quick Note: The grit-blasted panel is ideal for inspecting parts with rough surfaces such as raw castings or forgings

The chrome plated strip contains five evenly spaced (1.0" apart) cracked centers. These cracked centers are in circular patterns, and vary in size from approximately 0.015" to 0.250" in diameter, and are arranged in order of magnitude. 

Product Specifications


Length Width Thickness
6" 4" 0.09"

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