• Replacement Prod Tips - Aluminum

Replacement Prod Tips - Aluminum

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Parker Research Replacement Prod Tips

These replacement tips are for prod assemblies and come in two options: aluminum and copper.  They are compatible with both singular and dual prod assemblies (MA-7000 and MA-7001 respectively).

Prods are great for conducting magnetic particle inspections on welds because when placed on both sides of the weld, a strong, stable circular magnetic field around both sides is formed.  However there are also risks with using prods - the main risk being arc burn.  Arc burn happens when proper contact is not maintained between the prods and the test piece.  The risk of improper contact increases with worn-out or old prod tips.  Things to look for to help tell when it's time to replace your current prod tips are:

  • Oxidation
  • Scale buildup
  • Damage or general wear-and-tear

Don't run the risk of ruining your or your customer's parts and make sure your prod tips are in good condition.


Product Number: MA-7ST

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