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BY-LUX is water washable visible penetrant used to locate cracks, laps, pores,lack of bonding, and similar surface flaws. BY-LUX can be used on insoluble nonporous parts including both ferrous and nonferrous metals, ceramics, and glass and some plastics. Referred to as the “visible dye penetrant“ method or “color contrast” method of inspection and can be used for weld inspection. 

Chemical Properties

  • Color: Red liquid
  • Fluorescence: Yellow/green
  • Viscocity: 5.20 cSt @ 100°F
  • Flash Point: 210°F (98°C)
  • Water Tolerance: 14%


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  • MIL-I-25135 Revision C
  • ASME Code NDT, Sec V



  • Keep away from moisture and sunlight
  • Temperature limit: 40°F to 125°F (0°-50°C)
  • Keep the container closed when not in use

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