Edge 13T

  • Brand: Spectro-UV
  • Product Code: EDG-13T
  • Availability: Backorder - Estimated to ship 12/18/2023 (if ordered today!)
  • Note: This item is currently on backorder with an estimated ship date of 12/18/2023, you can place an order for this item and it will be shipped when it becomes available.
  • Price: $3,180.00

Available Options

  • ASTM-E3022
  • Rolls Royce RRES-90061
  • ISO-3059

Spectronics' Standard Intensity LED Lamp

The EDGE 13 Series is the only overhead LED UV-A flood lamp that guarantees an IP65 rating, stays cool without a fan, can be ganged together with multiple lamps to expand coverage area and comes in a RRES 90061 compliant model.

There are four available models:

  • EDG-13T: High Intensity Penetrant Station Lamp for a wide coverage of area and the best fluorescent indications possible
  • EDG-13SBLC: RRES 90061 and ASTM E3022-15 compliant for Aerospace industry inspections of large parts
  • EDG-13H: High Intensity LED UV-A Penetrant Station Flood Lamp to spot fluorescent indications on large parts
  • EDG-13HC: High-intensity ASTM E3022 compliant broad-beam flood lamp for overhead nondestructive testing inspections

Key Features

  • IP 65 rated: the lamp is protected from total dust ingress and low pressure jets of water from all angles
  • Fanless & cool running: No fan means fewer repairs and no dust clogs, and the lamp stays cool to the touch, cutting down on fire and burn hazards
  • Wide areas of coverage: For optimal fluorescent response
  • Long-lasting UV-A lenses: Protect against solarization
  • Integral black-light filters
    • Applicable to both EDG-13SBLC & EDG13HC
  • ASTM E3022 & RRES 90061 Compliant
    • Applicable to both EDG-13SBLC & EDG13HC
  • Gangable: Expand area of coverage using single power source

UV-A Beam Profiles

Technical Info




UV-A COVERAGE AREA (at minimum 1,200 µW/cm²)


6,500 µW/cm²

< 1 foot-candle (11 lux)17 x 16 in (43 x 38 cm) Diameter

4,700 µW/cm²

< 1 foot-candle (11 lux)

14.5 x 13 in (37 x 33 cm) Diameter

15,000 µW/cm²

< 2 foot-candles (22 lux)18 x 16 in (46 x 41 cm)

8,5000 µW/cm²

< 1 foot-candle (11 lux)

24 x 33 in (61 x 56 cm)

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