• Y-8 MV Kit

Y-8 MV Kit

  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 611710/628994
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  • ASTM-E709
  • ASTM-E1444
  • ASTM-E3024
Product NumberDescription
628994North America Model (CEC-compliant)
611710Global Model

Magnaflux DC Battery-Powered Electromagnetic Yoke Kit for Non-Fluorescent Magnetic Particle Inspections

    The Y-8 is a battery-powered, DC electromagnetic yoke designed to stand up to the most rugged applications. True portability for magnetic particle inspection in the field and remote locations is achieved through a compact battery pack which provides a full 8-hour shift of inspection power. Featuring sealed chemical-resistant construction and articulating legs to contour to any part shape, the Y-8 MV Kit comes with a Y-8 yoke, universal-voltage battery charger, global plug adapters, #1 Gray magnetic powder, a paint marker and hand cleaner towels in a convenient carrying case.

Benefits & Features:

  • Sealed, durable construction
  • Chemical and abrasion resistant
  • True portability with compact battery pack
  • Exceeds ASTM lifting specifications
  • Individual serial number for each yoke
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Great for job sights and field inspections
  • Has everything needed for non-fluorescent / colored mag particle testing

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