• WCP-2 - Aerosol Can (16 oz.)

WCP-2 - Aerosol Can (16 oz.)

  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 01-2250-00
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  • ISO 9934

Magnaflux White Contrast Paint

    A bright white, opaque NDT contrast paint, WCP-2 provides a high contrast background to improve probability of detection and sensitivity during visible magnetic particle inspections. This fast drying paint aerosol sprays on evenly, without flaking, before inspection so when non-florescent / colored magnetic particles are applied, the indications appear clearly against the opaque white background. WCP-2 can be used with all types of colored and visible mag particles, including 7HF or 7C Black wet method particles, and #2 Yellow or #8A Red dry method magnetic powders.

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