• uVision 365 HCR

uVision 365 HCR

  • Brand: Spectro-UV
  • Product Code: UV-365HCR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • ASTM-E3022
  • ISO-3059

Spectronics High Intensity LED Lamp on a 50" Retractable Cord

Key Features:

  • Versatility – The 50" retractable cord allows the lamp to extend farther while remaining plugged in
  • Placement Options - This lamp provides hooks to hang from the ceiling
  • IP 65 Rated – Dust tight/protected against Jets of water so your lamp is protected in harsh environments
  • Fanless & cool running – No fan means fewer repairs and no dust clogs, and the lamp stays cool to the touch, cutting down on fire and burn hazards
  • Lightweight & rugged – Lightweight enough for using all day, and rugged enough for your work environment
  • White-light intensity adjustment – Easier on the eyes of NDT Inspectors
  • Extremely low violet hue/visible light emission – Brilliant fluorescent responses
  • Certificates of conformance - Fully serialized certificates of Conformance and Validation Reports Provided
  • High Intensity – 6,000 μW/cm²


  • 3 - UV-A LEDs
  • 1 - White Light LED with 128196 face-plate with UV-A Pass Filters
  • FP-600 Borofloat Filter Protector
  • 50" AC Cord
  • UVS-30 Spectacles
  • Protective Case

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