• UV-A Light Meter

UV-A Light Meter

  • Brand: Magnaflux
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Note that Magnaflux has upgraded this product to the new UVM3059.

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Magnaflux UV-A Light Meter

Measures UV-A Light Irradiance

    The UV-A Meter is a compact, rugged, easy to operate, digital radiometer for measuring and calibrating UV-A black light sources used in fluorescent penetrant testing and fluorescent magnetic particle inspections for non-destructive testing.


  • 320-400 nm range for ASTM-E2297
  • +/-5% accuracy for NADCAP requirements
  • Accurately measures ultraviolet light emission from UV-A lamps
  • Low battery warning
  • Range selection options: x1, x10, x100 and x1,000
  • Data retaining capabilities
  • UV-365 sensor (320–400 nm)
  • Back-lit 4-digital LCD display

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