• Pyrogel 7

Pyrogel 7

  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 21-901
  • Availability: Discontinued - This item has been discontinued.
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Magnaflux's High Temperature Ultrasonic Couplant

Pyrogel® is a broad temperature range couplant for thickness gauging, flow metering, acoustic emissions testing and flaw detection/sizing. These products contain no polymers and resists drying, making them an excellent choice for long term flow metering applications. Pyrogel comes in two different viscosities, Pyrogel 7 which is a very thin, flowable liquid and Pyrogel 100 which is a thick gel. Pyrogel 7 recommended temperature range is -50 to 730°F / -45 to 388°C. Pyrogel 100 recommended temperature range is -50 to 805°F / -45 to 429°C.



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