• Magnetic Field Flux Strip (MG-01/02)

Magnetic Field Flux Strip (MG-01/02)

Parker Research Field Flux Strip

    The field flux strips are used to detect appropriate levels of magnetic field strength and directional orientation during the magnetic particle testing process.  They are made of highly permeable, ferromegnatic material with slots with varying widths.

    The strips are great because:

  • They are easily applied to the inspected component
  • They can be used with either wet or dry methods when using the continuous magnetization
  • They are repeatable as long as orientation to the magnetic field is maintained
  • They can be used repetitively

This product is sold per strip.

Product Comparison

MG-01Field flux strip - burma castrol - type 1 - (G)eneral
MG-02Field flux strip - burma castrol - type 2 - (A)ircraft

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