• Mag Kit

Mag Kit

  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 628834
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Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Inspection Kit

The Mag Kit is a sectional magnetic particle testing system designed for low volume non-destructive testing.  It has the operational benefit of a magnetic wet bench but circumvents the significant investment of a production-level mag bench.

 Using a P-series portable power pack as a power supply, the Mag Kit is an economical, easy to operate alternative to more expensive, higher volume bench units when the processing of high-volumes isn't a priority.  It provides the same level of inspection dependability in a lower volume, lower cost equipment package.

The Mag Kit includes a durable, stainless steel bench, head-stock and tail-stock and an 11 in / 28 cm solenoid coil.  A P-Series current generator needs to be purchased separately.

Optional add-ons include a recirculating Mag Kit Spray System with 5 gal / 18.9 L capacity to apply magnetic particle bath pump and a Mag Kit Hood to enclose the Mag Kit bench for darkened fluorescent magnetic particle inspections.


Benefits & Features

  • Economical wet magnetic bench alternative
  • Great for low-volume processing
  • Easy to switch magnetizing current from head/tail to coil
  • Modular design for versatility
  • Uses a P-Series power pack as the power source
  • Detects flaws in any direction
  • Easy to operate
  • Optional recirculating Mag Kit Spray System to apply magnetic particle bath pump
  • Optional Mag Kit Hood for fluorescent magnetic particle inspections


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