• B-300MR


Parker Research AC Contour Probe

    The B-300MR Contour Probe is a lightweight (7.5 lb.) magnetic inspection yoke designed to perform magnetic particle inspections quickly and reliably.  As with other Parker probes, the B-300MR has fully adjustable legs which allows the strong AC field to be applied directly to the inspection area, regardless of part's size or mass.  The B300-MR contains electronic circuitry that is sealed within the instrument's housing.  The external push button switch magnetically activates the power circuit from the outside so there is no electrical contact between the switch and internal circuit.  This instrument is suited for high moisture areas.  Rated IP65.  The unit is available in 115 and 230 VAC and both come with a one-year repair/replacement guarantee.

Model Comparison

B-300MR115 VAC, 60 Hz, 6 AMPSAC7.25 lb. (3.29 kg)
B-300MRS230 VAC, 50-60 Hz, 3 AMPSAC7.25 lb. (3.29 kg)

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