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Outer Diameter 5.00" / 127.0 mm
Inner Diameter 1.25" / 31.8 mm
Thickness 0.88" / 22.2 mm

Manufactured and annealed to AS 5282 specifications.


Compliant With:

  • ASTM-E709
  • ASTM-E1444
  • AS 5282


For use with systems complying to:

  • ISO 9934
  • ASTM E3024

Magnaflux Magnetic Particle Test Piece Ketos Ring / Tool Steel Ring

The Tool Steel Ring / Ketos Ring is a mag particle test piece with pre-drilled holes to simulate subsurface discontinuities. It offers a reliable method of verifying magnetic particle system performance when actual test parts with discontinuities are not available.

Whether you are in the automotive or aerospace industry, system performance checks are crucial for an optimal inspection. A system performance check needs to be run daily to validate the capability of the system to magnetize and create indications for examination. A standardized test piece, an example part with known defects, or a part with artificial defects attached to it, all can be used to perform the system performance check. Details of the procedure vary with the type and configuration of equipment being used.

The tool steel ring is a standardized test piece commonly used with wet bench magnetic particle equipment. The ring is machined from AISO O1 tool steel, annealed, tested and certified to meet AS 5282 specifications. Typically used with a ½ inch (1 cm) central conductor, the tool steel ring has 12 machined holes at increasing depths from the edge and is used to verify the performance of HWDC, FWDC, and 3-phase FWDC magnetizing equipment. Suitable for use with wet or dry materials and visible or fluorescent particles. The number of indications required depends on the waveform and magnetizing current amperage (refer to ASTM E1444 or E3024 for more information).





Product Number: 159999

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