• QB-1


  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 625972
  • Availability: Discontinued - This item has been discontinued.

DISCONTINUED - See Replacement Item QB2 - PLUS Quick Break & Shot Timer (628989)

The QB1 is a Go/No-Go gage to demonstrate the quick break function of 3-phase full-wave DC magnetic particle equipment is functional for superior magnetic particle inspection quality. This quick break tester is placed inside the coil (or in line with a cable wrap) during a magnetizing shot, and checks whether the current flowing through a coil is shut off rapidly at the end of a magnetizing shot (this quick shut-off is commonly referred to as Quick Break). Correct quick break function is indicated by illumination of the LED on the tester. Using the QB-1 to check your 3-phase FWDC magnetic particle inspection equipment will help ensure residual field is properly developed during processing and gives sharper resolution of transverse indications. For use with 3-phase full-wave DC equipment only.



  • ASTM-E709
  • ASTM-E1444
  • ASTM-E3024
  • ISO 9934
  • NADCAP AC7114/2