• Steady Rest | Tailstock-Mounted Roller

Steady Rest | Tailstock-Mounted Roller

  • Brand: Magnaflux
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Magnaflux Steady Rests

Steady Rests are used to support and stabilize long or heavy parts such as crankshafts during the inspection process.



Rail-mounted roller type steady rest - Mounts and moves on rails to accommodate various part lengths with adjustable height. Fits all units except A-915 and small MAG Series units. Weight capacity up to 1,500 lbs (630 kg).


Headstock-mounted roller type steady rest - Mounts on headstock to support one end of the part (Use rail-mounted steady rest #1857 to support other end). Speeds up part loading as coil may be retracted past headstock. Fits all units except A-915 and small MAG Series units.


Tailstock steady rest. Designed to mount on the tailstock and to work with either headstock or rail steady rests.


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