• Copper Contact Pad (w/ V-Block)

Copper Contact Pad (w/ V-Block)

  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 18948
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Magnaflux double-braided pads with v-block prevent arc burn.

    The heavy copper braid helps against arc burn by helping maintain proper electrical contact between test parts and contact heads along with providing contact over large surface areas.  Built with neoprene, the V-block base centers and supports test parts. The pad can be reversed to provide two wear faces.  These fit all units except A-915.

    Copper contact pads are great for helping prevent arc burn by maintaining proper electrical contact between test parts and contact heads. Arc burn is caused due to irregular part shapes or not taking the time to align the part correctly between the head and tailstock of the magnetic bench. It's a serious issue because it can not only ruin your or your customers' parts, but it can be expensive and time consuming to make the needed repairs to replace or machine the part or the bench's head & tailstock. A benefit to the copper braided pad is that it has the ability to flex and conform to the part’s shape, allowing there to be more surface contact between the part and the magnetizing unit.

Product Number: 18948

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