• CircleSol M - 55 Gallon Drum

CircleSol M - 55 Gallon Drum

  • Brand: Circle Systems, Inc.
  • Product Code: FG-3880
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Available Options

Container Size Product Number
5-gallon pail 3883
55-gallon drum 3880


  • AMS 3161
  • AMS 2641
  • DOD-F-87935

Circle Systems' CircleSol M is a petroleum distillate designed as a vehicle for magnetic particles.

CircleSol M comes in two sizes: 5 and 55-gallons (3883 & 3880 respectively).  It has a high flash-point making sure it's users are kept safe in high temperature environments.  It's composed of a refined petroleum distillate that's specifically designed to be used for magnetic particle inspection (MPI).  It provides great surface wetting on metallic parts and unlike using water as a suspension vehicle, there's no need for wetting agents, anti-foaming agents, or rust-inhibitors.  Along with it being odorless - it possesses high clarity and low fluorescence characteristics making indications more vibrant since the user won't see any background fluorescence on the part's surface.

  • Temperature Range: 32-120°F