• Daraclean 259

Daraclean 259

  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 01-6160
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Container SizePart Number
55-gallon drum01-6160-45

Daraclean 259 is a low-foaming, high-alkaline cleaning solution designed for use on glass, ceramics, plastics and metal.

    Excellent soil-rejecting properties suspend soils until they eventually settle, allowing filtering and skimming to extend the life of the cleaner much further than emulsion-type solutions.  Daraclean 259 is made of surfactants, corrosion inhibitors and phosphates, and effective against a broad spectrum of soils.  Daraclean 259 removes excess resins, oils, cutting and machining fluids, buffing compounds and carbonized soils. This aqueous cleaner is designed to be low foaming in immersion, ultrasonic, spray and steam processes up to concentrations of 30 percent. Formulated without silicates but highly tolerant to hard water, it is very free-rinsing and will not leave residues on optical surfaces.  Available in 55 gallon drums it's designed to work best on plastic and glass, ceramic, magnesium, plated metals, stainless steel, titanium and zinc alloys.  Daraclean 259 works well with aluminum, brass and bronze, carbon steel, and cast iron.

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