• Daraclean 282 - 55 Gallon Drum

Daraclean 282 - 55 Gallon Drum

  • Brand: Magnaflux
  • Product Code: 01-6000-45
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  • Note: This item is currently on backorder with an estimated ship date of 03/05/2024, you can place an order for this item and it will be shipped when it becomes available.
  • Price: $1,735.00

Available Options

  • AMS 1551, 1551A
  • ARP 1512
  • ASTM F495, F519 TYPE 1 C
  • BAC 5763
  • Boeing D6-48809
  • CSS 253
  • GEAE Method 22, 51145
  • Honeywell ARP 4992
  • Pratt and Whitney PMC 1429
  • PWA 36604
  • PWA K231
  • RR CSS 204 Type A

Magnaflux's Daraclean 282 is a low-foaming, all-purpose alkaline cleaning solution, and is an excellent cleaner for a broad spectrum of soils.

Daraclean 282 has excellent soil-rejecting properties and suspends soils until they settle and can be removed by filtering or skimming, extending the life of the cleaner much further than emulsion-type solutions. Formulated with a blend of surfactants, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors, it is safe to use on most metals, and is non-aggressive on aluminum, magnesium and titanium alloys. Available in 5 and 55 gallon containers, Daraclean 282 can be used in concentrations up to 25 percent (20 percent for CARB compliance), in immersion, ultrasonic, spray and steam processes. Moderately alkaline, with low foam levels, Daraclean 282 contains inhibitors to prevent metal corrosion, and has no phosphates and is hard water tolerant. Daraclean 282 carries wide aerospace compliance, and is designed to clean all oils, machining fluid, synthetic coolants and buffing compounds from aluminum, anodized aluminum, brass and bronze, carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, nickel, super-alloys and plated metals. It also works well on titanium and magnesium, and can be used on carbonized soils.


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