• Centrifuge Tube Stand (Magnaflux)

Centrifuge Tube Stand (Magnaflux)

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Magnaflux Centrifuge Tube Stand

    Magnaflux's aluminum centrifuge stand safely holds centrifuge tubes when mixing bath concentrations.  It's level loading platform has minimal obstruction of the tube, allowing the user to see and measure their particle bath with confidence. 

    Nearly every experienced NDT professional knows how important centrifuge tubes (and thus their stands) are when it comes to quality assurance.  Centrifuge tubes measure the concentration of particles in the magnetic particle suspension and according to ASTM E-1444, must be checked every eight hours or at every shift change.  They also help verify if the mag bath is contaminated.  Common contaminates are oils, greases, dust, dirt, and sand.  Failure to ensure that the magnetic bath contains the right concentration or that it's free of contaminates can mean missing critical indications.  This is why every non-destructive testing team utilizing magnetic particle inspection needs to have a centrifuge tube and stand to properly examine their magnetic particle bath.

This centrifuge tube stand allows the user to read and perform the needed quality checks to adhere to:

  • ASTM E709
  • ASTM E1444

Product Number: 1837A

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