• PowerMax 1600 UV

PowerMax 1600 UV

  • Brand: Spectro-UV
  • Product Code: PM-1600UV
  • Availability: Discontinued

--DISCONTINUED as of 07/01/19--

For more in-market stationary lamps please follow this link

Spectronic's Standard Intensity LED Lamp

    PowerMAX™ 365 series flood lamps feature a panel of 16 powerful UV-A (365 nm) LEDs specially engineered for nondestructive testing (NDT) applications, including aerospace. These versatile, stationary light sources can be installed overhead or inline. For applications requiring extremely large coverage area, the PowerMAX™ 365 can be quickly ganged together longitudinally or back-to-back using customized, easy-to-install connecting plates and brackets.

Key Features:

  • Large coverage area of 15 inches by 6 inches (38 cm x 15 cm), with a minimum UV-A intensity of 2,000 μW/cm2
  • Easily mountable for overhead inspection or in-line applications
  • Built-in fans keep LEDs cool to maintain optimum light output during extended use
  • Customizable because multiple lamp units can be “ganged” together longitudinally or back-to-back for a larger coverage area to meet your specific inspection requirements

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