Clarity 365 | High Intensity | Lithium-Ion Battery

  • Brand: Spectro-UV
  • Product Code: SPN-CLR365-HC
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Available Options

  • ASTM E3022
  • ISO 3059
  • AITM6-1001 (SC only)

High & Standard Intensity LED Flashlight Kit

The Clarity 365 is the one of the longest running, most convenient, complaint LED UV-A flashlight in the world. With a nine-hour run time, output regulator, and wireless induction charging it makes a great tool for in-the-field fluorescent inspections.

Spectro-UV's Clarity LED flashlight delivers high quality, long running, and convenient results.  It comes in both high and standard intensity models that are both ASTM E3022 compliant.  Some key features are:

  • ASTM E3022 compliant
  • IP68: dust & waterproof
  • Lithium-ion battery rated for 9 hours of stable, consistent battery life - the longest battery life of any NDT flashlight on the market!
  • Auto shut-off feature when the UV-A intensity reaches minimum threshold
  • Wireless induction charging
  • Charging light indicator
  • High or standard intensity models
  • Rugged, durable housing
  • Long-lasting UV-A pass lens blocks visible light with minimal solarization
  • Cool-running design
  • Compact & lightweight design (7 in. & 0.8 lb.)
  • Belt holster included
  • Carrying case included
  • AC and USB induction charging cords included

Kit Contents

SPN-CLR365-HC & SPN-CLR365-SC: Lithium-Ion Kit

Flashlight w/ battery, induction charging dock, AC power cord, USB power cord, belt holster, UV-absorbing spectacles, and plastic carrying case.

SPN-CLR-BHA & SPN-CLR-BA: Alkaline Kit

Flashlight w/ 3 C-Cell alkaline batteries, belt holster, UV-absorbing spectacles and carrying case.


UV-A COVERAGE DIAMETER (at 15 in & 1,000 μW/cm²)

High Intensity Models


6,500 μW/cm²

< 1 foot-candle (11 lux)3 in

6,500 μW/cm²

< 1 foot-candle (11 lux)

3 in

Standard Intensity Models


4,500 μW/cm²

< 1 foot-candle (11 lux)

4 in

4,500 μW/cm²

< 1 foot-candle (11 lux)

4 in

Beam Profiles

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