LED Heart Replacement Bulb

  • Brand: CrackCheck
  • Product Code: CC-LED-100
  • Availability: Discontinued - This item has been discontinued.

CrackCheck's Replacement Bulb: Turn Mercury Vapor Models into LED Lamps

    CrackCheck's replaceable UV LED bulb, CC-LED-100, utilizes state of the art LED technology, compatible with various models of the Mercury UV Lamps on the market.  Consisting of three UV LED's, the CC-LED-100 highlights LED technology's most useful feature of instant maximum output the moment the lamp is turned on.  No more waiting twenty minutes for the bulb to warm up.  The CC-LED-100 allows your mercury lamp to be longer-lasting, economical, safer, environmentally friendly, and to run more efficiently than ever before.



  1. UV LED bulb retrofit
  2. Compatible with SP & MX mercury lamps
  3. Multiple socket adapters
  4. Long lasting and stable LED performance

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