• White Light Meter

White Light Meter

  • Brand: Magnaflux
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Magnaflux Visible Light Meter

Measures visible light in foot-candles or lux

    The Visible Light Meter accurately measures visible light in either foot-candles or lux and includes a permanently affixed visible light sensor specially constructed to measure visible white light in the range of 400-760 nm for non-destructive testing.


  • Photo diode sensor
  • 400-760 nm range for ASTM-E2297
  • +/-5% accuracy for NADCAP requirements
  • Accurately measures visible white light emission
  • Range selection 0 to 2,000 ft-candles / 0 to 20,000 lux
  • Adjustable digital readout ranges: 20, 200 & 2,000 ft-candles or 200, 2,000 & 20,000 lux

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