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UV Absorbing Spectacles | Spectro-UV

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Spectronics' UV-Absorbing Spectacles (CE Approved)


Blacklights emit UV-A light.  UV-A is considered to be a long form wavelength on the electromagnetic radiation spectrum.  Some people are overly sensitive to radiation in this region and may experience “blue haze” interference when viewing sources of long wave UV.

Although everyone is exposed to UV sources natural and/or artificial on a daily basis, unprotected and prolonged exposure to any form of UV light, including long wave UV, can result in cataracts and possibly cancer. Even brief exposures can be hazardous if the intensity is high enough.  This is why UV-absorbing spectacles are so important.

These glasses are designed to remove all UV light from reaching the inspectors' eyes but also allows yellow-green light from fluorescent indications to pass through.


Product ID: UVS-30

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