• UV Absorbing Spectacles (Magnaflux)

UV Absorbing Spectacles (Magnaflux)

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  • ANSI Z87+U6 Rating
  • ASTM E2297
  • ISO 3059
  • Suitable for use with all fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle applications and all UV-A sources

Magnaflux UV-Absorbing Safety Glasses

UV-Absorbing safety glasses help protect users from exposure to UV-A irradiation during fluorescent inspection. Complying with the latest ANSI specifications, the safety glasses protect by absorbing 99.9% of UV wavelengths below 400 nm.

Clear lenses transmit visible light with no tinting or photochromic darkening that could interfere with detection of indications in dark inspection areas.

When used with LED UV-A lamps, the UV-Absorbing Safety Glasses provide operator protection for full-shift inspections.


  • <0.1% UV-A transmission
  • <0.01% UV-B & UV-C transmission
  • >85% visible light transmission
  • Impact resistant, side shield protection


Product ID: 506249

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